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MineHub modernizes the mining & metals supply chain, leading to greater transparency and traceability via real-time tracking, automation, streamlined credit management, paperless transactions, and greater business intelligence.

Modernizing your entire supply chain—from mine to market.

The MineHub platform

Mine-to-market provenance

Verify the journey and history of a mineral back to the mine or its entry into the Minehub network.

A product’s journey from mine to market involves countless transactions, a multitude of steps, and untold numbers of players. MineHub transforms that costly, cumbersome paper trail into a secure hub that puts you in command of your data. MineHub offers:

  • Real-time Collaboration, Communication, Notification
    Everyone involved in a specific transaction can collaborate based on shared data. They get notifications about new, changed or canceled data.
    As a participant in the transaction, you can decide what information is visible to others and who has access to it. You can manage permissions for communication between partners at every stage of the supply chain, and allocate access on behalf of buyers, sellers, banks, royalty holders, and track and trace shipping carriers to track concentrates and metals port to port.
  • Privacy and control
    Technology and encryption keep all the data on MineHub secure and private. You can disclose information between multiple parties on a need-to-know basis.
  • Auditability
    The Minehub ledger will record immutably who has agreed to, or done what and when in the journey of a mineral. Subject to the privacy controls, the facts can be used in future applications to verify the journey of a mineral and the claimed attestations.
  • Transparency
    Easily point to transparency between multiple parties from document sharing (contractual, credit agreements, insurance), to operational data like mining production and inventory. There is also a provision to share data with alternative finance parties such as royalty holders.
  • Fraud prevention
    Secure data authentication and consensus from the source. Visibility and consensus between contracted and financial parties reduce opportunities for fraudulent activity.
  • Communication control
    You decide what information is visible and who has access to it. Manage permissions for communication between partners at every stage of the supply chain, and allocate access on behalf of buyers, sellers, banks, royalty holders, and transportation and shipping carriers.

Contract management

Manage all transactions and contracts in one platform.

Managing all the transactions and contracts in the supply chain through their entire lifecycle in one secure hub means better visibility, more control, and fewer disputes. MineHub offers:

  • Unified contract management
    Manage all Incoterm contracts between the seller and the buyer and between the seller and the royalty holder. Manage contracts between the seller and the insurer. 
  • Automation
    Eliminate potential human error by automating contractual processes for inventory, quality, assay, transportation/shipping, payments, and settlement. You can depend on the automated sharing, approval, and notification of contractual obligations, as well as the automation of assay splitting verification
  • Permission control
    Allocate permission-based contractual approval between sellers and buyers and royalty holders.
  • Visibility
    Provide clarity on mine-to-seller obligations, seller-to-buyer obligations, assay-to-seller-to-buyer obligations, and invoicing and payment obligations. Visibility means less contract, assay, invoicing, and payment disputes, and less time spent in dispute management.
  • Invoice management
    Manage post-trade invoices and post-trade payments.
  • Increased efficiency
    Centralized, digital contract management means less time spent on paper-based contracts. Secure, encrypted access to all the contracts along the supply chain reduces the potential for fraud.

Credit management

Oversee all aspects of credit management along the supply chain in a single platform.

Managing credit in a single secure hub means you can rely on automation, tracking, general oversight, and overall increased efficiency. MineHub offers:

  • Unified finance
    Manage multi-leg trade finance for letters of credit and open credit agreements, as well as credit terms between the bank, the buyer, and the beneficiary.
  • Accessibility
    Enable access to new and alternative sources of financing for transactional, project and institutional needs
  • Automation
    Trust automated processing for single and multi-leg letters of credit and open credit agreements, and notifications between beneficiaries, sellers, buyers, and banks. You can also rely on the automated delivery of trade finance terms documents to the bank, title changes, and trade finance approvals.
  • Document management
    Manage and distribute documents between the beneficiary/seller, buyer, and bank.
  • Tracking
    Track originals for trade finance between the beneficiary/seller and the bank.
  • Control
    Allocate permission-based credit approval between the bank, buyer, and beneficiary.
  • Increased efficiency
    Single-point document management between multiple parties for trade finance means less paper-based transactions. A single, secure platform reduces the potential for fraud and human error.

Invoice and payments

Track and manage invoices at all points along the supply chain.

Managing all your invoices and payments in one dynamic hub means that you can extract final invoice data, share invoices with payees, and track them until fulfillment. With automated services, more transparency, and less paper-based transactions, you’ll avoid costly, time-consuming disputes. MineHub offers:

  • Invoice management
    Extract invoice data based on contractual obligations. Track invoices tied to contracts and assay at multiple points in the supply chain. Call on pre-trade provisional invoice management from inventory allocation and post-trade invoice management at contractual delivery point. 
  • Better insight
    Benefit from improved financial forecasting.
  • More oversight
    Control the shared visibility of invoices for delivery and approval.
  • Increased efficiency
    Digital transparency leads to less inaccuracies, decreased disputes, less paper-based transactions, faster transaction processing, and improved cashflow management. Encryption and visibility reduce the potential for fraud.

Track and trace

Know exactly where products are as they move from mine to market.

The ability to track and trace products in real time means you always know where your products are. Greater transparency translates into superior data and less costly disputes. MineHub offers:

  • Visibility
    Track and trace products as they move from mine to storage to layport and discharge, and manage who has access to the track and trace data.
  • Transparency
    Rely on track and trace data to resolve loss of load and loss of vessel disputes, trade finance terms disputes, and insurance disputes.
  • Superior data
    Provide insurers and banks with trusted data from transportation and freight.
  • Increased efficiency
    Transparency, visibility, and encrypted data reduce the potential for fraud and data vulnerability.


Greater insight into the supply chain leads to better efficiency today, and smarter forecasting for tomorrow.

A digitized supply chain offers insight on every step from mine to market through access to real-time data, configurable analytics, and automated systems. Insight leads to better, more informed decision-making, efficient business practices, and bigger returns. MineHub offers:

  • Transparency
    Access real-time data on assets, customers, and product location along all points of the supply chain, from contract to market. Depend on the real-time tracking and tracing of assets, transportation, and freight.
  • Data-driven platform
    Manage data sets for planning, forecasting, financial management, and transactional data, while offering access to real-time aggregated data analytics and configurable analytics to mines, sellers, buyers, royalty holders, and banks. 
  • Secure data
    Within MineHub’s network-driven data exchange, you control permissions for data exchanges. Data is private and any permission granted for data exchange is visible. Data is immutable, tamper proof, and auditable, preventing data loss and fraud. 
  • Greater resiliency
    Data-driven transactions lead to decreased disputes about contracts, invoices, payments, assay quality, inventory, credit documentation, shipping, and transportation. You can call on data about inventory, quality, delivery, and invoicing to plan and forecast buying, selling, reporting, and acquisitions.

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