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Head Office

MineHub Technologies Inc.
1030 West Georgia St.
Suite 717
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6E 2Y3

Singapore Office

Blk 531 Upper Cross Street #03-62,
Hong Lim Complex,
Singapore 050531

London Office

Minster House
42 Mincing Lane
London EC3R 7AE

Inventory management
  • Integrated with trade management enables with automated updates of inventory with stock inflows and outflows
  • Forecast inventory levels to avoid stockouts
  • Optimize working capital through minimizing excess stock levels
  • Remove spreadsheets, reconciliation communications and operational risk of manual updates

Trade Management

Buyers and sellers of commodities collaborate on all aspects of their term contracts and transaction in one place, enabling all parties involved in a transaction to always be on the same page, in real-time


  • Real-time visibility of all shipments across oceans and land – location and ETA
  • Secure exchange of key documents
  • Keep all communications related to the transaction with the transaction data set
  • Notifications of key events
  • One version of the truth – no need to reconcile and check
Arnoud Star Busmann is one of the pioneers in the intersection of commodities, finance and blockchain technology. Prior to joining Minehub, he was the Innovation lead for Commodities at ING Bank where he led the cross-industry initiative ‘Easy Trading Connect” that spawned projects like VAKT and komgo. Arnoud is an all-round executive with tech DNA, and has over 20 years experience in strategy execution, enterprise transformation and “blue chip” startups. After obtaining a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Netherlands, he lived and worked across Europe, Asia and Oceania.