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A Revolutionary Way to Track Containers

This is arguably the most successful blockchain project out there – more than 50% of the world’s containers tracked on the Tradelens platform. And the journey is inspiring – large companies like IBM and Maersk pivoting governance and business model like startups in order to succeed in establishing a true industry solution. Read more of


Author: MineHub

May 30, 2019

A New Way to Finance: Security Tokens

One of the leading global law firms in the mining sector is venturing into the world of security tokens. And makes it the pathway clear to new ways of financing mining projects. A very important analysis that should be a must-read for current and prospective miners, royalty-holders and streaming firms. Read our partners White &

Author: MineHub

May 7, 2019

Creating Transparency within the Supply Chain

There is a natural conflict of interest between the demand for transparency in supply chains, and the need for commercial privacy for the parties active in these supply chains. This paradox is increasingly urgent to resolve, with regulatory, institutional and consumer pressure for disclosure and traceability getting louder and louder. Often it is not just

Author: MineHub

April 23, 2019

Our Mission of Compliance

The London Metal Exchange’s drive for transparency is a regulatory change that is likely to have a transformative impact on metal supply chains. Those parties that can comply, and prove compliance may see rewards in the commodity prices in the transition to the new regime, which will encourage other parties to speed up compliance. But

Author: MineHub

April 5, 2019

Implementing a Greener Process to Mining

Renewable energy production and storage technology are fully reliant on mined materials like copper, aluminium, steel, cobalt, nickel, etc. Scaling renewable energy will place additional pressure on the mining sector to keep up production and at the same time transition to sustainable production practices. This is not just a cost, it also a massive revenue