Propelled by experience, collaboration, and a devotion to excellence.

A digital supply chain is productive, accurate, collaborative, secure, and transparent. Every participant benefits from access to information, insightful decision-making, and streamlined processes. In other words, it brings transformative efficiency.

Supply chain becomes supply trail =
Transformative transparency

Our philosophy

We knew our industry could be better—more streamlined with better returns and a meaningful commitment to sustainability. So we are making it happen.

Archaic, labour-intensive, and paper-heavy processes are bogging down our industry. Paper-based transactions are slow, expensive, and fraud sensitive. A lack of transparency and diminishing returns have investors and financiers in retreat.

Technology can change all that.

With experience in mining, finance, technology, and blockchain, we cultivated a vision of a digitized supply chain that’s paperless, transparent, and accessible. We can revolutionize the whole mining and metals supply chain by introducing accuracy, clarity, and trust. That’s why we’re building MineHub.

We’re here to lead the charge into the future.

Our consortium

We’ve gathered the best of the best to usher our industry into a new, modern era. Our consortium comprises top-tier global companies with deep experience and the drive to innovate.

Newmont Goldcorp is the world’s leading gold company, with assets or operations on five continents. It takes pride in being an industry leader in safety and sustainability.

ING Group is not just the world’s largest commodity banker and a top-five mining project financier, it is a leading innovator and multinational banking and financial services giant with a global presence and relations across supply chains.

Ocean Partners offers a complete range of trading services for miners, smelters, refiners, and metal consumers worldwide.

Wheaton Precious Metals is one of the world’s largest precious metals streaming companies.

A Canadian base metals mining company, Capstone Mining Corp is a leading intermediate copper producer.

Kutcho Copper Corp is a Canadian mineral exploration company committed to social responsibility and high environmental standards.

Our partners

Our vision for MineHub was a streamlined, dependable platform that’s second to none. We partnered with the world’s best companies to make it happen.

IBM is the world’s leading technology firm with over a century of experience in forward-thinking innovation.

White & Case is an international law firm dedicated to helping companies, governments, and financial institutions navigate complex legal challenges.

Our team

Driving real change throughout an entire industry means assembling the leaders—the people who know what needs to be done and who aren’t afraid to make it happen—so that’s what we did.

Arnoud Star Busmann, <br />

Arnoud Star Busmann,

Arnoud is a pioneer in commodities and blockchain, an initiator of technology companies such as VAKT and Komgo. He is the leader of the MineHub consortium.

Hugh Halford-Thompson, <br />
VP Business Development

Hugh Halford-Thompson,
VP Business Development

Hugh has been specializing in blockchain since 2012. He is the co-founder of BTL and multiple consortia, which include members such as VISA and ONEOffice.

Vince Sorace, <br />
Executive Chairman, Founder<br />

Vince Sorace,
Executive Chairman, Founder

Vince is a mining and capital markets veteran. He is the founder and owner of Kutcho Copper.

Carl Weir, <br />
VP Product

Carl Weir,
VP Product

Carl has deep expertise in financial services, insurance, logistics, identity, blockchain, and product development.

Manuj Aggarwal, <br />

Manuj Aggarwal,

Manuj brings experience as a Chief Technology Officer in large enterprise systems, mission critical systems, and startup platforms.