efficiency security responsibility

to the Mining and Metals
supply chain

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About MineHub

An open, enterprise-grade platform for digital trade

MineHub provides global mining and metals supply chain participants with:

An end-to-end digital solution

Real-time visibility and collaboration of upstream 
and downstream supply chains

Built on Blockchain for the highest privacy and security

Tools to help achieve ESG compliance goals

A superior customer experience for increased transparency and efficiency

The Platform

Take control of your supply chain

MineHub users are in full control of their supply chains – with features to help them optimise use of resources, respond better and faster to customer needs, and have confidence in the resilience, security and compliance of their operations.

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Case Study

Moving one container from Africa
to the Netherlands involved:






Time Lost for documents to be processed

The Landscape

MineHub is at the nexus of powerful megatrends


Decarbonisation and ESG

Automating the bottom-up accounting and verification of emissions and ESG footprint across supply chains. Enabling technology for a responsible supply chain.

Trade finance liquidity shifts

Enhance access to finance by matching borrowers with working capital liquidity, including non-bank lenders and corporates. Automate risk monitoring and risk syndicated.

Supply chain resilience

Provide supply chain visibility and facilitate digital collaboration and settlement with trade partners, supported by supply chain and commodity, trade and risk management services.

Digitalisation & integration

Accelerate your digital transformation by connecting your solution landscape, processes and organisation via Minehub UIs and APIs to your business network.

MineHub Core Platform

Transform post-trade operations with secured collaboration and real-time visibility

Collaborate with trade partners

Fast and secure interactions (including secure chat) with your counterparties. All information is stored in one place.

Share data and documents

Securely share real data and documents, status and confirm agreements with your counterparts.

Real-time insights

Track your contracts, shipments, inventories and payments throughout the supply chain.

Trusted network

World class companies are united to build the MineHub ecosystem and digitally transform commodity supply chains.

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