A paperless supply chain =
Transformative efficiency

MineHub revolutionizes the mining & metals supply chain from archaic, paper-heavy, and costly to transparent, secure, and, above all, efficient.

The mining & metals supply chain, simplified

Blockchain technology powers a secure hub for real-time collaboration and the flow of information and products along the entire supply chain—from mine to market.MineHub accommodates all the moving parts of the supply chain in one dynamic platform. As products move from mine to market, participants collaborate securely with partners providing financing, insurance, transportation, shipping, assaying, and production. Together, the industry will reap the benefits of efficiency: better margins, increased liquidity, and a verifiable commitment to sustainability and compliance.

Our consortium

MineHub ushers an entire industry into a new, modern era. We’ve gathered the best of the best to make that happen. Our consortium comprises top-tier global companies with deep experience and the drive to innovate.

“In the future, every mining company will be a technology company.”
—David Garofalo, former president and CEO, Goldcorp


Highlights from ING’s 1Q

The CEO of ING, Ralph Hamers, shares the highlights of their 1Q 2019. Watch and listen to how ING is co-developing MineHub to increase transparency and contribute to sustainable production and trading.