Making commodity chains more efficient, resilient
and sustainable

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About Minehub

Powerful solutions

for high value challenges

Supply chain resilience

ESG compliance and emissions accounting

Trade regulations and sanctions

Fraud prevention

Data security and regulations

The Platform

Take control of your supply chain

MineHub users are in full control of their supply chains – with features to help them optimise use of resources, respond better and faster to customer needs, and have confidence in the resilience, security and compliance of their operations.

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Case Study

Essex Furukawa

Essex Furukawa is the leading, global provider of magnet wire to the EV industry.
Results after implementing the Platform:

Stockouts avoided in one year (est. savings $1M)


Reduction in inventory on-site ($200k in carrying costs)


Reduction in Excel usage (interactive vs. siloed data)


Reduction in email around shipments (reduced cyber security threat)

Weeks ahead in forecasted ordering (reduced spot buying activities)

The Landscape

MineHub is at the nexus of powerful megatrends


Supply Chain Resilience

Provide real-time visibility into supply chains, respond faster to disruptions and remove the dependency on couriers for trade settlement

ESG Compliance

Prove compliance of transactions and shipments with ESG purchasing policies from customers and ESG regulations from governments and market infrastructure

Emissions accounting

Emissions Accounting

Automate the capture and accounting of Scope 3 emissions at the granularity of individual shipments and transactions

Trade regulations and sanctions

Trade Regulations and Sanctions

Verify compliance of material origin, provenance and transaction parties with sanctions regimes and trade regulations like the Inflation Reduction Act and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Fraud Prevention

A real-time single version of the truth for each transaction, automatic verification of the authenticity of information, and keeping digital eyes on every data item in a transaction – all making it very difficult for fraud to go undetected

Data security

Data Security

Use strong encryption and access control to ensure only authorised parties and users have access to the information they should have access to


MineHub’s Value to Customers

The Buyer


potential increase to EBITDA margins
with an optimized “mine-to-market” supply chain

Reduce shipment delays

Avoid raw material shortages
Eliminate lost production and factory downtime

The Seller


potential increase to share of wallet
with a superior customer experience

Shorten lengthy lead times
Improved supplier performance
Quicker payment cycles

MineHub Core Platform

Transform post-trade operations with secured collaboration and real-time visibility

Collaborate with trade partners

Fast and secure interactions (including secure chat) with your counterparties. All information is stored in one place.

Share data and documents

Securely share real data and documents, status and confirm agreements with your counterparts.

Real-time insights

Track your contracts, shipments, inventories and payments throughout the supply chain.

Trusted network

World class companies are united to build the MineHub ecosystem and digitally transform commodity supply chains.